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Clarity Universe is the hub for all things related to learning Clarity, the most expressive and secure language for writing smart contracts secured by Bitcoin. Find courses, key resources, and job opportunities.
Clarity Camp: 6-Weeks Until Clarity Clicks For You
This course is built to help all levels achieve working proficiency with the Clarity smart contract language.
Step-by-step tutorials, guided sessions, office hours, and robust lessons to teach you this powerful language.
Interactive sessions with Clarity leaders. In addition to your hands-on instructor, we bring in designers of the language and the most exciting companies using Clarity.
Ready-made smart contract library: Accelerate your learning by working with smart contracts others have already written and vetted.
Clarity Camp Cohorts
Pick your path:
Interested in learning Clarity, but want a little help along the way? Join the Clarity Residents for guided 6-week sessions that kick off every few weeks!
On Your Own
Experienced developers can dive right into the Clarity Camp material via LearnWorlds. Check out the syllabus and start today.
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