MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp
A free 5-week Clarity smart contract development course. Learn to build with Web3 to unlock your city and your future.
Starts May 16, 2022
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How it works
First things first, get yourself registered. Once you do, we'll follow up with some helpful reading materials you'll want to look through before May 9th when the course begins.
From there, we just ask that you show up and work! Through a combination of virtual lecture sessions, workshops, AMAs, and office hours, our expert instructors will bring you everything you need to pick up new Web 3 dev skills.
Before the 5-week course is even over, you'll have the opportunity to work on actual applications and get support from the vibrant MiamiCoin community.
Why join the camp?
Build for your city
MiamiCoin has already raised over $20 million for the city to use on everything from affordable housing to education initiatives like this one. The next steps are to continue building utility for your fellow Miamians so the network can support the city indefinitely.
Raise your earning potential
The talent crunch in crypto is unreal. Learning skills like smart contract development and decentralized application architecture makes you immediately more valuable in an exponentially growing industry. Look at these Web 3 salaries!
Become future proof
From NFTs to DeFi, crypto is already here in a major way. It's poised to undergird just about every technology we know, so learning these skills now, while we're still early, means you can lead the way instead of missing the boat.
It's time to make the jump!
Came this far?
Smart coworking spaces that are accessible with CityCoin tokens so the community can more easily co-work and organize while supporting their cities and coworking spaces.
CityPacks 001 is an NFT Collection of 3D illustrated backpacks that funds the Educational Programs for the Foundation for New Education Initiatives (FNEI), the direct-support organization for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Miami Voice is a MiamiCoin app that allows you to propose ideas and vote on how Miami should spend their funds raised through MiamiCoin ($MIA) mining.
The most effective way to mine CityCoins is as a team. With Syvita Mining your contributions are pooled with others to increase the pool's chance of winning blocks.
Syvita Mining
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