Austin Clarity Camp
A free 5-week Clarity smart contract development course. Learn to build with Web3 to unlock your city and your future.
Starts August 8th, 2022
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Your Journey to Becoming a Clarity Developer
Once registered, you’ll receive some reading materials to work through before the course launches on August 8.
When the course begins, you’ll get comprehensive training through a combination of virtual lecture sessions, workshops and office hours, all conducted by an expert instructor, and all for free.
Throughout the course you’ll work on actual applications and receive support and guidance from the Austin Stacks community.
Why join the camp?
Raise your earning potential
The talent crunch in crypto is unreal. Learning skills like smart contract development and decentralized application architecture makes you immediately more valuable in an exponentially growing industry. Look at these Web 3 salaries!
Become future proof
From NFTs to DeFi, crypto is already here in a major way. It's poised to undergird just about every technology we know, so learning these skills now, while we're still early, means you can lead the way instead of missing the boat.
It's time to make the jump!
Unlock a world of building on Bitcoin and make yourself future proof.
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